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  • Save hours of time sorting through hundreds of online resumes and corresponding to applicants

  • Avoid dozens of cringe-worthy interviews by having a proper screening process

  • Expedite the hiring process to avoid losing top performers

  • Reduce no shows by sending multiple reminders to candidates before their interview

  • Promote your brand and keep applicants engaged through professional communication

Ignite Results Recruiting division is dedicated to bringing top performing sales representatives and support staff to the roofing and solar industries. By using our firm, you will:

Why We're different

We provide a full-time recruiter dedicated to just your account 40 hours a week/ 5 days a week.

They eat, sleep, and breathe your company and represent your brand to applicants. This direct line of communications allows you to provide feedback to Ignite Results on the candidates you like (or don’t) so we can get you the exact recruits you want.


what's included

  • Creating job postings

  • Sorting resumes

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Managing applicant pool

  • Screening all candidates

  • Scheduling interviews


We operate on a month-to-month basis to meet changing hiring demands, although most clients choose to continue.

There are no hidden fees. Some companies trying to recruit many people within a short period of time choose to use paid ads. In our initial call, we can advise if this is the best strategy to meet your hiring goals.

No Contracts

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