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Your Complete Guide to Attracting & Keeping Top Performers. 




  • Save hours of time sorting through hundreds of online resumes

  • Save over $1,000 a month in job board fees

  • Streamline applicant communications through proven templates 

  • Avoid dozens of cringe-worthy interviews by having a proper screening process

  • Expedite the hiring process to avoid losing top performers

  • Reduce the number no shows and get your time back

  • Promote your brand through social media and a Career's Page

  • Get new hires up to speed with 30 days

The Retention Recruiting System provides a roadmap for companies to recruit, hire, and onboard top performers. This step-by-step system has been rolled out to 25+ roofing companies over the past 2 years and reliably produces 3+ new hires per month that stay.  



  • 50+ training videos

  • All new hire paperwork

  • Onboarding process

  • Interview and screening guides

  • Every job posting in roofing

  • Templated communication

  • Tools to master Indeed

  • Recruiting playbook

  • Career path & pay structure



  • 2 hour live training

  • Monthly group coaching calls

  • Private Facebook group

Handsome construction workers in protective helmets and vests are shaking hands while work


1-1 Training

  • 1/2 day training with you team

  • Individual weekly coaching calls (4)

  • Budget management

  • Live support during 1st campaign 

  • Guaranteed hires

Support Group

recruit the recruiter

  • Identify your ideal recruiter

  • Design the job duties & pay for this position

  • Find and screen dozens of applicants

  • Provide custom interview questions

  • Guaranteed  hire & 30 day retention

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