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Ignite Results

A Management Consulting firm that specializes in scaling small businesses by defining strategy, building systems, and developing people that ignite measurable results in retention, productivity, and profit.


We partner with companies to build systems, develop leaders, and enhance work processes. ​

  • Strategy & Culture

  • Hiring & Onboarding

  • Perfromance Management

  • Leadership 


We facilitate team workshops that drive change, impact behavior, and move organizations forward. 

  • StrengthsFinder 2.0

  • DiSC Communication Styles

  • Winning with Accountability

  • Women's Empowerment



We work 1-1 with leaders to identify their strengths and opportunities and develop strategies to reach their professional goals. 

  • 1-1 and group coaching calls

  • Targeted action planning

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Leadership assessments


Meet Dr. Jessica

Dr. Jessica Stahl, the owner of Ignite Results, is a management consultant who specializes in scaling home restoration and trades-based companies by developing people and building systems that drive measurable results in retention, productivity, and profit.

Dr. Jessica is an Organizational Psychologist with a Ph.D. for Clemson University who has spent the last decade consulting with Fortune 100 and small businesses in the areas of workforce strategy, leadership development, hiring and onboarding, performance management, culture, and work-life balance.

Her leadership philosophy is simple: 


“Invest in your people as they are the foundation of the company and your only unique resource.”


The Ignite Approach

Ignite Results is a pioneer in the roofing industry and our approach is radical. We are not a business in a box company. Everything is custom! We actually come out to your company and deep dive into your business. We take time to understand who you are, your pain points, your culture, and your goals. We guide you every step of the way through the growth process. We take the pressure off of you so that you can focus on running your business and spending time with family.

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