What Our Clients Say About Us



Brookens Construction

Alex Schwartz (Sales Manager)

“We started working with Ignite Results back in the beginning of 2022. We are miles ahead of where we would have been without Ignite. Jessica has been a great help narrowing down and perfecting our interview processes. Create career and other employee compensation paths. And just making sure we’ve got our stuff together…

Hometown Restoration

Brad Gardner

“We were able to work with Jessica (Ignite Results) and add the organization and understanding she has along with our vision with who we are and create a good company and culture through her help. I call her doctor awesome…My salesmen, production, and our operations have improved. She helped create our vision for who we are. I really recommend that companies that need someone to get them to a new level… this is a great place to go!..”


Fraser Roofing

Owner / President

“We had a great couple of days with ignite results…. We realized how we can interact with each other better and understand each other, and it made a huge impact. We walked away with a lot of great next steps and how we’re gonna work together as a team…. And, the one quote that you (Jessica at Ignite Results) gave that really helped us out was to grow leaders, “We must reshape consequences as love.” So we gotta have consequences. We have to set our goals. We have to shoot for them, and she’s definitely, helped us get on that path.

Will (Sales Manager)

One of the favorite things I took away from today was it was real world, ways to use Indeed and to go about recruiting. It was very specific to our industry, and so it gave us step by step, processes to recruit the best candidates for, for our company. So highly recommend Ignite.

Rankin Roofing

Josh & Kelly

“In our first year in business we decided to bring on Jessica with Ignite Results… Jessica and her team’s expertise has been very valuable to getting our systems and processes down. It’s been a lot of fun and intense… And we feel like we’ve definitely learned a lot. And we’re implementing a lot of the processes and training videos. It’s been a great success… Anyone thinking of starting a new roofing business or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and want to grow I highly recommend Jessica and your team!..


Wagner Roofing Construction Solutions

Brent Wagner (President)

They (Ignite Results) build out a plan based on who we are and how we’re built, not necessarily, what they’ve seen in the past, and I really appreciated that. So if anybody’s out there looking for a good consulting group, Jessica and her staff here at Ignite Results are fabulous.

We’ve been a team of really high achievers that haven’t really been able to put all the pieces together. And Ignite’s come in and really provided a lot of clarity with our overall structure of our organization, how we’re gonna train and hire people. So we’re really excited to have them in here and and helping us with with that.


Greg (Sales Manager)

We’ve been a team of very high achievers who haven’t been able to really put all the pieces together, and Ignite Results has come in and really provided a lot of clarity of over all structure of our organization and how we’re going to train and hire people.

So we’re really excited to have them in here helping us with that and very grateful!


Texas Vets Roofing

Ray Rannigan

“Jessica has been super supportive and helpful if I had any questions… Jessica has helped us identify our vision, develop our guys & improve performance. If you have the opportunity to work with her (and Ignite Results) you won’t regret it! She (Jessica) has so much knowledge in this industry. She knows so many people and if she doesn’t know the answer she is going to find it out. She has really been a blessing to me and all of us here at Texas Vets Roofing!..”


Cost Saver Windows Siding & Roofing

Matt Alexander (Sales Manager)

I want to give a shout out to Jessica her team for their ability to recruit… she got us a guy named Nick that is going to be a great fit for our company. I’m really excited to see where he goes and grows with our company. And we could not have done it without Jessica and the packages she offers. Big shoutout, thanks!

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